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11 eco-friendly tips for back to school


“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.”

Ernest Hemingway

Even though Earth day has came and gone, as stewards of our planet we shouldn’t wait for April to start making changes towards sustainable living. Now is the time to incorporate eco-friendly habits into our everyday lives. With school right around the corner, what better way to get ready than to learn about some back-to school eco-friendly tips?

1. Cloth masks: Although wearing a mask might not be mandatory depending on where you live, encourage your children to opt for reusable masks made of cloth instead of disposable ones.

2. Save energy: Teach kids to unplug appliances when not in use and to open up their windows to let in natural light!

3. Transportation: Set up a carpooling schedule among a group and you could each take turns bringing the kids to school.

4. Lunch: Packing a lunch instead of buying out can help reduce unwanted waste and help your kids eat healthier and more organic food. Also, ensure that your children like the food they are being packed which reduces waste and is cost-effective.

5. Use reusable containers & water bottles

6. School supplies: Avoid buying an excess of school supplies which may not come in handy. In addition, try to buy supplies with minimal plastic packaging.

7. Say no to paper: Try to print as little as possible and make use of online textbooks and online note-taking.

8. Spread your knowledge: Teach your kids about climate change and why it is important to be ecofriendly by reading them books!

9. Encourage your kids to spend time outside

10. Start a garden: Children love to make things with their own hands! Teach them how to care for plants and why it’s better to grow veggies in your backyard instead of buying them from grocery stores.

11. Donate: Donate toys, books and other items that your kids don’t use anymore to charities and other organizations such as the Salvation Army. Although, some places may not be accepting donations during this time, keep this in mind for later use.