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UP UP and Away! Up Project creating buzz in the community

The UP Project, another HFHO initiative, upstyles older furniture items and gives them new life. Lisa, Marie, the creative director of UP, UPcycles, RePurposes, ReFinishes and ReImagines items that others consider garbage.

“Our goal is to reduce the number of perfectly good furniture items going to our landfills. By creating ‘new’ items from old also reduces the need for brand new items to be created. At UP we also strive to limit the amount of waste we produce by coming up with creative ways to use every scrap of wood we have in fun and useful products.” said Lisa Marie.

 ‘UP’ has a wonderful resource for donated items to UPcycle. The ReStore operated by Habitat for Humanity Okanagan gets wonderful items that just need a little TLC.

UP is looking for volunteers. Find out how you can have fun building cool things and helping our community …oh and saving our landfills! Contact UP through their website at