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Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips for those road trips that you’re sure to have during this summer season.

Tiny Trash Can

Having a small garbage can turn out to be useful more times than not. It can keep your car clean during really long road trips and it can make it so much easier to throw out the trash.

Emergency Kit

Keep a portable emergency kit with you – whether you’re travelling by car or plane. You never know when you’ll need it. Even better, you can keep a “Car-Sick Bag” with you if you’re going to be travelling for a long time by car. Some things to include are trash bags, a diffuser, and medicine.

Pack Snacks

Packing a lot of snacks with you can prevent you from stopping the car on long road trips to get food. This will help you save money and also help your trip move along much quicker.


If you’re starting to get restless, use those bathroom breaks to stretch your arms and legs.


Bring disposable cameras or a polaroid to take pictures during your trip for a fun way to store your trip memories.