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Tackling Homework

School is back in session, and one thing that means is getting homework. For some people, homework is a dreaded task, and for others, it’s as easy as cake! But whether you are an expert at completing homework or not, these tips will for sure teach you something new.


Organized study space 

Wherever you study, make sure you have all of your learning supplies in front of you, so you’re not making countless trips to get something you didn’t think you needed. You don’t need only one designated study space but wherever you study, make sure it’s suited for studying with no distractions as well. 


Take little breaks 

It’s important to take short breaks while studying so that you don’t get burnt out so quickly. A common approach to studying is the Pomodoro Technique where you study for 20 minutes and then take a break for five minutes. After four rounds of this, you get a longer break of 20 minutes. Then, you repeat this until you finish all your tasks. 


Make a to-do list 

No matter how good your memory is, you should always write down what you need to complete. 


Get rid of all distractions 

Whether your phone or the TV is a distraction, get rid of it – not literally though! For instance, if your phone distracts you, turn it off and put it in another room. If your TV is a distraction, you can ask someone in your family to hide the remote from you. 


Be positive 

Completing homework might not always be the most exciting part of your day but if you take little steps to motivate yourself and be positive, it might just make it easier. 


Do it as early as possible 

Don’t leave your homework till the last minute since that will only add to your stress. Try to complete it as early as you can. 


Ask the teacher questions 

If you don’t understand something, ask for help. Teachers are there to help you! 


Come back to it later 

If you’re getting overwhelmed by the homework you have, take a step back and relax. Just remember to come back to it later! 


Find a study buddy… or two 

Studying with a group of your friends can make it more fun and motivate you to do your homework. 


Have fun studying!