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Supporting Local Farmers

The lockdown has affected many people – health care workers, small businesses, students – in ways that a lot of us have never seen coming. One group of people that have continuously been working hard during this difficult time and have been especially been hit hard are farmers. 

However, what’s most important is that this crisis is bringing light to the significance of the agricultural industry in bringing food to our tables every day. Thus, we must do anything we can to support farmers in our local communities. Here are some ideas as to how you can do so!

Go to the farmer’s market

If a farmer’s market is open and running in your community, you can try to shop there – safely of course! Some farmer’s markets may have resorted to pick-up only and some may have placed social distancing rules so that we can shop safely. But whatever it is, shopping locally can immensely help the farmers.

Tell your friends and family

Spread the news to those close to you about the importance of supporting local farmers!


Many local restaurants support farmers and so you should try to eat at such restaurants that get their food directly from farmers.

Promote farmer’s markets

Doing something as simple as sharing farmer’s markets you’ve visited on your social media can encourage others to shop there as well.


Volunteering at farmer’s markets not only helps them but also you!

Local gardening stores

Want to grow your own fruits and vegetables? Visit those local gardening stores that sell seeds and other garden supplies!

Grocery stores

Ask your grocery stores to sell more locally made products. And if they have locally made products – buy them!