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Reasons for Volunteering

Since we are celebrating Volunteer Week right now – between April 18 and April 24 – here are some of the reasons why you should aspire to volunteer. And if you already do volunteering, here are some reasons why you should continue to do so. 

Although this post highlights some of the reasons why you should volunteer, there are numerous other reasons why you should aim to help out in the community.

Learn more about specific topics

Different organizations allow a chance to learn more about specific topics.  When you volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, for example, you have the chance to learn more about multiple topics such as affordable housing. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Helping others

When you volunteer, it improves the lives of others. It also helps make the community a better place – whether it’s directly or not.

Help get you active

Depending on how you’re volunteering, it can be a chance to exercise your body. This way, not only are you helping others, but you’re also helping yourself.

Helps your mental health

No matter where you volunteer, it will help your overall well-being – from your physical to mental health. It can help with feelings of stress, anxiety and even loneliness.

Fill out this application if you want to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity Okanagan!