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March Activities

March is here! Celebrate this new month with some fun activities with your family and friends.

Make pancakes

Pancake Tuesday may have already passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate your love for pancakes. Have fun picking out toppings like maple syrup, fresh fruit, whipped cream, and nuts.

Farmer’s Market

Go to the farmer’s market and look at the fruits, vegetables, flowers that are finally in season after a long winter. You can usually find other things at a farmer’s market as well – there’s always something for everyone.

Write poetry

World Poetry Day is on March 21st, so this is a better time than any to get creative by writing some poems! Free-style poems or write limericks with your loved ones to pass some time.

Fly a kite

Spring is the perfect time to make your own kites at home and fly them outside. You can also fly paper planes since the spring breeze is the perfect condition to do so. Have contests to see who can hold their kite up the longest or who can fly their airplanes the furthest.


Plant a garden or even just a couple of bulbs. If it’s too early to start planting, depending on where you live, you can plan out what you want your garden to look like!

Green Food

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th. Celebrate by making some green food items – anything from a smoothie to cupcakes. Or even just by wearing green that day!

Road Trip

Whether you have a destination in mind or not, take the wheel and just drive! Spring has the perfect weather to have road trips. 

Spring Cleaning

Celebrate the start of Spring by deep cleaning your house.

Paint Rocks

Find some flat rocks and let your creative juices flow by painting. You can use these as home décor or gift them to others.