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Attention local businesses in Kelowna!

Check out this AMAZING contest that is happening in our Kelowna ReStore!

Helping local small business.

Your customers could win a Christmas decoration/gift package (see poster below) valued at over $400.00

Benefits to you:

  • Each time your customers purchases a minimum of $25 in your store, they can take their sales receipt to the Kelowna ReStore and enter the sales receipt into our contest box. Not only do they get great products/services from your business but a chance at an amazing Christmas package as well.
  • We will add your name to a list of local businesses that we will post in our store. Customers must shop at your store to enter this contest. This this will encourage customers to shop locally, and to drive business to your store.

What we need from you:

Not much.  All you need to do is put up a poster (attached) and encourage your customers to take their sales receipts (of $25 or more) to the Kelowna ReStore ONLY located at 2092 Enterprise Way.

The contest:

Anyone can enter as many times as they want. Each entry must be a valid current sales receipt with a total purchase of $25 or more before taxes from a locally owned Kelowna business. On the back of the receipt or stapled to it must be the contestants name, email address and phone number.

The winner will be drawn on December 18th at the Kelowna ReStore and contacted by email or phone. 

The reason:

Habitat for Humanities mission is to help local families gain a stable home. Our goal is to bring communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through ‘affordable home ownership’. We have built 34 homes in the Okanagan, but we still have a lot to accomplish. Right now, with all the uncertainty economically, there are people all around us that are struggling.  Since local businesses provide local jobs, by helping you we are helping families. 

The Kelowna ReStore team

Scott Burke                                                                          Madison MacDonald

ReStore Manager                                                               Restore Assistant Manager                                                

Download contest details