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Academic Burnout

School’s about to start again and although that might mean a lot of fun for some students, it also means a lot of burnout. Academic burnout can negatively impact your grades as well as your health so here are some ideas on how to prevent this.

Stay Engaged

Becoming involved with a club or taking a class that you’re passionate about can keep you looking forward to something in your academic life.

Maintain a Schedule

Keeping your priorities spread out in an organized schedule can ensure that you’re not taking on too much at once.

Practice Self-Care

Whether this is by working out or eating healthy – take time to care for yourself both physically and mentally.

Take Breaks

It’s okay to take breaks! In the long run, taking breaks can help you more than you realize.

Reach Out

Reach out to your support system – whether it be your friends or family. You can even talk to your teachers or professors.

Don’t Compare Yourself

The tendency to compare your grades to other students can cause unnecessary stress. The pressure from yourself or others to get a higher mark than your peers can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.