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Vegetable Gardening

Here are some easy and simple tips to grow the best vegetable garden! Although gardening may involve a lot of work, everyone knows hard work always pays off! 

Plan. The first step to every garden – whether it be a vegetable garden, a fruit one or a mix of all – is to plan out your garden’s size, shape, and location. Ask yourself where you want your vegetables to grow, where they would get the most sunlight, and how big you want your garden to be.

Make sure not to plant your vegetables too close to one another since some plants might not reach their full size when doing so. Tight spacing can also stress plants inviting in more insects and plant diseases.

Try to plant plants vertically – instead of horizontally – to make the most of space. This method is also more efficient since it can be easier to see where exactly each plant is located.

Grow plants like garlic, onions and chives around your garden to help keep away insects.

Plant vegetables that produce a high yield like tomatoes, onions and lettuce. These are not only easy to grow but they also give the most yield as well.

Plant vegetables during the right season. Planting at the proper times will give you the best result.

Plant the right crops depending on where you live. Don’t overlook the importance of ensuring that the veggies you plant can grow to their fullest potential based on where your garden is located.

The right combination of planting together certain plants can help your vegetables grow and aid them in yielding more. For instance, onions like to grow with tomatoes.

Pay close attention to when your vegetables are ready to be taken inside since different plants will ripen at various times throughout the year. Harvest your plants at peak ripeness!