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Upcycling Old Sweaters

Whether your sweater may have gotten smaller or if the seams have unravelled, upcycling old sweaters is a great way to reuse them in a sustainable manner. Instead of throwing away these pieces of clothing, here are nine great ideas on how to upcycle them which will prove to be of great use.

Cup Warmers

Keep your coffee mug warm with a cup warmer. These will not only feel good on your hands but also adds a lovely decoration to your cups. Cut out a piece of your sweater and secure it on a cup with a button. You could go an extra step and even make sweater coasters for your mugs!

A Sweater for Your Pet

This is a great way to take your old sweater and turn it into a new one for your puppy or cat. This way both you and your pet will be in style for winter!

Plant Holders

You feed your plants, you talk to them, you name them… why not dress them up as well?! Cut out a piece of your sweater and wrap it around a plant holder by fastening it with buttons or ribbons.

Pocket Warmers

Keep your hands warm this upcoming season with your own D.I.Y. pocket warmers. You could just stick your hands into your pockets to warm them up.


Upcycle old sweaters to make headbands, scarves, hats, mittens, shopping bags or socks! You will need to do a little bit of sewing to make sure you get the correct measurements. 


This is an easy project to add to your winter decorations. All you will need to do is cut off the body of a sweater and stuff it with something like rice and tie it together with a ribbon or string. Repeat this again to make yourself an adorable snowman!

Sweater Pillow

Make some pillow covers out of old sweaters for a comforting feel to your head when taking a nap!


Depending on how big your sweater is, a great idea is to cut it up to make a small blanket that will definitely keep you warm on cold days.


Cut out fun shapes from your sweaters like a polar bear or a flower and decorate them with buttons and ribbons. This will make for fun and cute ornaments that you can hang around your home.

The options are almost endless for what you can do with old sweaters. There are so many more options besides the ones listed above on how you can reuse old sweaters sustainably. Do your own research and without a doubt not only will you will be warm and cozy throughout these next few months but you won’t be wasting a dime.