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Tips to stay productive

Everyone’s been saying that being unproductive during this time is definitely okay since we all deserve a break, right? If you feel as though you really do need a break, by all means continue relaxing! However, personally, I like to wake up early, get a few things done and then enjoy myself the rest of the day. This helps me stay productive and will especially aid me when I have to get back to work once school starts back up again. If you feel the same way, down below are some tips that help me stay productive!

  1. Goals: create, prioritize, and make deadlines for goals.
  2. Break projects into smaller tasks: this will help you to not feel as overwhelmed by all the huge projects you have to do.
  3. Write things down.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Stay organized: make your bed, do the laundry, clean up your work space. The little things really do make a big impact!
  6. Get enough sleep: on average healthy adults need at least 7 hours of sleep to perform their best.
  7. Wake up early: If waking up at 7 AM is too difficult for you, try waking up 15 minutes earlier than you usually wake up every week.
  8. Minimize distractions: Turn off notifications, hide your phone, do whatever it takes to help you stay concentrated.
  9. Work during your best time of the day.
  10. Get dressed for the day: getting dressed instead of wearing PJ’s (even when you’re working at home) can help a ton!
  11. Use an agenda/planner.
  12. Do your hardest tasks first.
  13. Ask for help: it’s okay to ask for help! Not all of us have the powers to always get everything done.
  14. Plan your day the night before.
  15. Avoid multitasking: although multitasking may be helpful at times with small chores, this is definitely a big no-no when trying to complete larger tasks.
  16. Use a calendar.
  17. 2-minute rule: If a task takes you less than two minutes to complete, do it right away.
  18. Reward yourself.

A huge thank you to our volunteer Jenni for creating this post!