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Supporting local businesses


Local businesses are essential for the economy. They’re operated by our very own neighbors, not strangers. They care about their community and many of them even know their customers by name. They are the ones who make our towns, cities, and villages remarkably unique. Unfortunately, though during this unsettling time, many businesses are being forced to shut down – some temporarily and others not. They have less staff on hand and in turn may be limiting their operations leaving them scrambling to keep things together and adjust to this new normal. Even though it seems like it might be difficult to support them from afar, there are plenty of creative ways we can do so!  


  1. Follow them on social media

Yes, it’s really as simple as giving them a follow on social media platforms! Doing so will help them receive a wider net of loyal customers who shop there.

  1. Like, share, comment on posts

When you do this, it will be most likely to reach new people. The power of social media at its finest!

  1. Give them a shoutout

Social media shoutouts are free and with more businesses working digitally, shoutouts will greatly help with encouraging others to shop local as well.

  1. Shop online

Even though you’re practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t shop within the comfort of your own home. You can pre-order products for pick-up later or even have products delivered.

  1. Donate

Donate your time, money and resources to help these businesses stay afloat. Everything from money to hand sanitizer is always appreciated.

  1. Buy a gift card

Consider buying a gift card for the future. Or you could buy a gift card for a friend and encourage them to do the same for another business.

  1. Leave reviews

Leaving a positive review on Yelp or Google will not only encourage others to shop at local businesses but will also leave a smile on a business owner’s face.

So spread the love and support local!