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Living a More Sustainable Life

Here are some easy ways that you can incorporate sustainable living habits into your daily lives.

Bring your own bag to the grocery store

Bring a reusable bag to the grocery store so that you don’t go through a load of plastic bags every weekend.

Reduce food waste

Buy only what you need. Freeze your food so that it doesn’t go bad and use your leftovers to make sandwiches and soups! You could also donate non-perishable food items that you’re not going to eat to a local food bank.

Stock up on food in the bulk food aisle

This not only saves money but also helps reduce packaging waste. Some stores might even allow you to use your own container to buy the food.   

Reusable containers

Bring an empty reusable container when you eat out so that you have the option of packing up your leftovers in it instead of using up more plastic packaging.

Don’t pour cooking oil down the drain

Make sure you dispose of cooking oil properly so that it doesn’t clog the drain. An alternative can be using an air fryer.

Reusable sponges

Wash your dishes with reusable sponges instead of regular ones.

Second-hand shopping

This isn’t only more eco-friendly but you can also find some pretty cool items while thrifting!

Plastic cutlery

When ordering food, add a note that you won’t be needing any plastic cutlery. We all have that kitchen drawer filled with useless plastic knives, forks and spoons that we rarely end up using.