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Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some tips to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions.

Pick the right resolution

A lot of people end up not keeping their resolutions simply because it’s not the right resolution. For instance, your resolution might be too vague or maybe you don’t have a realistic plan to achieve it.

Pick a specific goal

Don’t be too vague with your resolution. For example, instead of having “Be healthier” as a resolution, be more specific by saying “Eat more fruits” or “Go to the gym 4 times every week”. This way, you’ll have a clear goal to achieve. 

Pick just one resolution

Focusing on one goal at a time can be much less daunting and can help you achieve it easily as well.

Past mistakes

Reflect on your past failures when trying to achieve this goal. This can help you make a more realistic plan for yourself.

Get support

Support from your loved ones can go a long way. Explain your goals to your family and friends, and they can help you achieve them by showing their support and motivating you along the way.

Resolution journal

Keeping a resolution journal can be one way to keep yourself motivated. Write down your progress, struggles, failures so that you can have something to look back at when you feel like giving up.