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Home Ownership Qualifications and Criteria

Thank you for your interest in Habitat for Humanity and our housing program. All applications are individually reviewed to verify the following Family Selection Criteria:

Income must be from a reliable stead source of income. The family must have a demonstrated work history. In order to be able to offer Habitat-model mortgages, we have conditions in place that will ensure your income can support a regular mortgage payment. Mortgage payments are set to 30% of your gross income. This payment includes principal and property taxes. Successful candidates should have an income range between:

Total Gross Annual Household Income
3 bedroom Lake Country Peachland Lumby
Min income $45,000 $45,000 $40,000
Max income $64,500 $64,500 $47,500

1. Families living in substandard housing may receive preference. Some factors that are considered include, but not limited to the following:

  • Poor structural conditions such as wiring, ventilation, heating or bathroom facilities.
  • Medical disabilities and general health conditions are stressed by current housing.
  • The location of your housing is not accessible to schools, shopping and transportation in a safe community.
  • Overcrowding for the number of people living in the home.
  • Percentage of income currently spent on housing is deemed too high.
  • Families currently living in subsidized housing are also eligible to apply.

2. Habitat for Humanity Okanagan focuses its efforts on families with children. A minimum of one child under 16 must be living with the family.

3. Applicant(s) must have three (3) years permanent residency in Canada and must have lived in the Okanagan for a minimum of two (2) years consecutive years immediately prior to initiating application.

4. Applicant(s) must be capable and willing to pay the mortgage, applicable insurance and/or strata fees, and/or other associated fees of home ownership.

  • Habitat Okanagan will give preference to families who have current employment and a minimum of 2-year work history, with verifiable income(s). Sources of income that are considered in the review include employment income, spousal and child support, child care supplements, child tax benefits, pensions and possibly some form of social assistance.
  • Habitat will request 1) personal and work references, 2) supporting documentation, 3) income verification, and 4) a plan of commitment to 500 hours of Service Hours (volunteer hours) and to home ownership, of all working persons intending to live in the home.

To confirm that a family qualifies to pay for a Habitat mortgage, the amount of family debt will be taken into consideration.

5. The Applicant(s) must be willing and able to partner with Habitat Okanagan and assist in the advancement of the mission and values of Habitat for Humanity Housing for All – Access to safe, decent and affordable housing is a basic human right that should be available to everyone. Human Dignity – We believe in the worth and dignity of every human being. We respect the people we serve and those who help us in this effort, as people are our greatest resource. Partnership – We can best achieve our mission through meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with others. Diversity and Inclusiveness – There is a role for everyone committed to our vision, our mission and values. We seek to enrich our organization through diversity.

6. If the information on the pre-application form seems to meet the selection guidelines above, the family will be invited to complete a detailed long-form application.

  • References and supporting documents for required criteria will be requested, as outlined on the long-form.
  • Employment history and a credit reference report of applicant(s) with supporting documents.
  • Willingness to agree and comply with Habitat for Humanity’s values and principles, including commitment to an annual income review, documentation of annual Notice of Tax Assessment, and our Good Neighbour policy.
  • A photograph of Home Ownership Applicant and family members.
  • Please only attach photocopies of documents (not originals).
  • Habitat homes are typically strata multi-plex homes and therefore respectfully place restrictions on size and number of pets. In consideration of BC Strata Bylaws, please note that a maximum pet allowance is one (1) small pet (dog, cat, etc) no taller than 14” from floor to shoulder of pet. Applications from families with multiple pets or large dogs will not be considered.
  • Please note that any incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • If the information on the long-form application appears to meet the guidelines required for a Habitat partnership, then members of the Family Selection Committee will visit the family in their home, for a minimum of two interviews, to confirm their need for better housing and to answer questions about the home ownership process.
  • Successful interview applicants will be recommended to the Board of Directors for approval as a Habitat for Humanity Prospective Homeowner. Once approved at the Board level, the family will be invited to partner with Habitat Okanagan, even if a Habitat home is not immediately available. At this time, the family will also be encouraged to begin their volunteer contribution of 500 Service Hours within the partnership program.

7. The information during the process of application to the Habitat Home Ownership Partnership will be of mutual interest and discussion between Habitat Okanagan and the potential Homeowner:

  • Past and current commitment and plan to improve the family’s current situation.
  • Willingness, ability and a written plan of intention and timeline of commitment to participate in the Habitat for Humanity Service Hours program.

We dedicate ourselves to helping families become successful through home ownership. If you think you meet these criteria, please complete and submit the short “Will I Qualify” form.

Will I Qualify Form