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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

For many people, Spring solely means more flowers and sunshine, but for people with allergies, it is the beginning of yet again another season of sneezing, sniffling and watery eyes. This is why it is important to start thinking about spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is also especially important right now during the pandemic since we all need to keep our homes in a happy and healthy state.


The first thing you will need to do to start off this journey is making a checklist or a schedule outlining all areas of your home which need cleaning. 

Eco-Friendly Cleansers

Try using eco-friendly cleansers made of natural ingredients. You could even make homemade cleansers! Some common ingredients for cleaning that you are bound to have in your house include lemon, vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda especially can do wonders for those coffee-stained mugs.

Walls and Windows

When it comes to cleaning, most people seem to forget about the walls and windows, since they’re so busy focusing on the floors. So, don’t forget to clean windows which is as simple as using a damp towel to get rid of any stains which you may not usually have time to get rid of. Also, dust off the walls and make sure to spend some little extra time around the corners of the wall where there is the most dust.


Go room by room and decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate, sell or throw out. This can save you a lot of space!

Make Your Home Smell Good

Open up the windows or use candles to make your home smell amazing!

Make Cleaning Fun

For many people, cleaning can seem like a dreaded task; but you can do simple things to make your time cleaning more enjoyable! Some things you can do include listening to a podcast, music or connecting with a loved one virtually.


Clean not only the outside of your refrigerator but also the inside! Get rid of any expired food items or empty containers. Also, wipe down all the spaces inside your refrigerator as well as the outside of the refrigerator. An easy way to organize items in your refrigerator is by using rotating turntables!

Some other things you might want to clean that are often forgotten are your mattress, front door, ceiling fans, bookshelf, silverware, furniture, and washing machine.

You can even check out our checklist to help with Spring cleaning this year!