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Easing Winter Blues

Around this time of year, with colder weather and shorter days, people commonly report feeling down. You might be having trouble sleeping, getting irritated easily or you’re feeling an overall lack of energy. People experiencing these types of feelings might notice a change in mood with these following tips:

Take a Break from the News

Although the news may keep us informed of ongoing issues around the world, it also increases despair and stress as we repeatedly hear negative things. Instead, try to limit the amount of time you spend listening to the news on the radio, watching it on the television, or reading news-related articles on your phone.

Write in a Journal

You might find that by writing down your thoughts, you’re getting rid of any negative feelings you have floating around in your head. It’s also going to be fun looking back at these journal entries ten years from now!

Keep Healthy

Eat healthy food – your vitamin, proteins, fats are all a very important part of your daily diet.

Exercise – only a half-hour of working out is known to drastically improve your energy levels.

Keep in Touch with Family and Friends

2020 has taught us that human connection and a sense of community is now more important than ever. By talking to and engaging with your support systems and those you love, you may notice that these small things can boost your mood. You can talk to them virtually or plan days to spend time together. If you’re not able to talk to your family members and friends for whatever reason, you could turn on some music or listen to a podcast. This way, you’re still hearing another person’s voice without having to engage in a conversation.

Get Some Fresh Air

As the weather becomes colder, going outside may not be a lot of people’s first option. But, being stuck inside all week is not always the best. This is as simple as taking a small walk around your area or sitting on your front porch. The only time I step outside my house is when I go to school but that ten-minute walk to school makes me feel much more refreshed. However, if you don’t feel comfortable going outside during this time, try to open up your curtains or windows and let natural light flow into your home.

Keep Warm

There are many ways you can deal with feeling cold inside of your home: sit by your fireplace, drink a hot cup of tea, put on a comfy pair of socks and PJ’s, or even take a warm bath.

Find a Hobby

Finding something enjoyable to pass your time can keep you preoccupied and you might even learn something new.


Open up a bag of popcorn and watch your favourite show or movie that’s bound to make you crack a smile!