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My role is busy and it can be hard to find time to reflect on our mission. When I was recently interviewed for an article that is being published in the spring edition of Boulevard Okanagan, I was reminded about the many facets of Habitat and how we help people in many ways. The magazine will feature a story about Habitat and how our program works.  To see the impact that we have on families, I  encourage you watch the video we recorded, when we gave Amanda the news that the board had approved her application, its very emotional.

I am pleased to report that we now have 6 families working towards their Lake Country homes, they are busy volunteering in the ReStores and working remotely to build up their 500 hours, we are actively recruiting for the remaining 2 homes of this first phase.

Spring is starting to make an appearance and a reminder that if you are having a clear out our 10% store discount cards are given to anyone that makes a donation of un-wanted items, this offer is available until the end of March. 

Our ReStores are a great place to find hidden gems, but did you know we also have excess inventory and returns donated by large retail outlets.  We recently received a big shipment of new mattresses, LED bulbs, clothing, and pet food, agratefully received and, in our stores, now.

Lastly Kathleen, our director of resource development, has tendered her resignation.  Kathleen joined Habitat in December 2018 and has been instrumental in raising the awareness of our brand and has successfully introduced many different ways for us to increase donations.  She is leaving us to spend more time with her family and we wish her the very best for the future.