Garage Sale 2015

June 20, 2015      Each summer Habitat for Humanity, Vernon Chapter, holds its annual garage sale fund-raiser. This year’s event, featuring thousands of community donated items and a throng of willing and able Habitat volunteers, was held in the parking lot of the former Kal Tire headquarters at 24th Street and 48th Avenue starting in the early hours of June 20th and closing up shop around noon that day. By that time the bulk of the merchandise available had changed hands and the remainder was being trucked to the Habitat Restore store in Kelowna, another successful Habitat endeavor in the books. Our Garage Sales offer a chance for the public to observe first hand the participation by Vernon Chapter’s excellent volunteer corps. Upwards of 50 enthusiastic sets of hands are available at any time to aid the cause, “Building Homes and Hope in Vernon.” Habitat for Humanity receives no government funding, our only source of income being community based. We thank our volunteers for all their hard and willing work on Habitat’s account.

Sharon Woods, one of a multitude of volunteers on Habitat for Humanity’s Help List arranges some of the many books offered up during the garage sale. New volunteers register












Predator Ridge resident Dave Marcoux, always ready to support a good cause, loads up for the drive home.












One of the sale’s patrons survey the kids’ mobility department which featured bikes and other transportation devices for the younger set.