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Tips for a Perfect Lawn

As the weather becomes warm over the next months or so, and winter fades away, many people may be starting to think about gardening! Whether it be what to plant, how to improve your gardening skills from previous years or how to maintain a perfect garden, garden lovers know that it’s never too early to start thinking about gardening! Down below are some tips on how to ensure a perfect green lawn this upcoming spring and summer!  

Water the lawn in the morning

The morning is the best time to water the grass since this will allow the sun to dry the grass.

Mow the right amount of grass

Mowing too much grass can be as big of a problem as mowing too little grass. It’s important to mow approximately no more than one-third of the grass.

Mow frequently

Usually, most lawns require you to mow them about once a week, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer for the grass to grow.

Feed the lawn

Feeding your lawn will help the grass become greener over time. A lawn’s best friend when it comes to food is a fertilizer that contains nitrogen! In the north, it’s best to fertilize in the fall or spring, while in southern areas, the spring and early summer are the peak time to feed the lawn.

Prevent weeds

This one’s an obvious one, but very important!

Choose the right mower

Take into account the shape and size of your lawn in order to choose the right mower. I personally didn’t know the right mower mattered but it does make sense! Consider also the different options for lawn mowers such as push mowers, which are best for small spaces; electric mowers; etc.

Take care of your mower

Whether it be changing the oil or keeping the machine clean, maintaining the mower is another key tip in ensuring a healthy and green lawn!