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Getting Rid of Weeds

Hopefully, these tips below will give you the weed-free grass you’ve always wanted!

Choosing a treatment

Ensure that you examine your lawn and choose the best treatment since different weeds call for different controls.


Mow regularly in the spring and summer!

Proper tools

Invest in the proper tools that are not only well-made but are also comfortable for you to use. You could even get separate tools perfect for kneeling, standing or sitting that suit your gardening style.

Household objects

Weirdly, newspapers, vinegar, essential oils and other common household objects can naturally get rid of weeds. For instance, spraying vinegar on weeds can kill them naturally. You could even pour some salt over weeds which will also kill them.

Pulling out weeds

One of the easiest times to weed is after a rainfall or after you’ve watered your plants. This way the weeds are more likely to come out without a fight. Also, pull out weeds as soon as you see them since smaller weeds are much easier to handle than overgrown ones towering over your tomato plants. No one wants that!

Be careful when pulling out weeds

 Grab the weed by its base when pulling it out and be sure to pull it out slowly and steadily.

Weed prevention

Apply a pre-emergent weed control in the spring to stop your weeds from growing before they’ve even started to do so!

Hot water

Pouring hot water on weeds can cause them to die in one to two days! But, be careful with the water by making sure that you don’t spill it on grass or other plants.